The company

Processing of citrus fruits and production of essential oils and concentrated juices

Our history

Between tradition and technological innovation

The history of the Amedeo GIOVANNI SRL company in Reggio Calabria dates back to 1890, when Giovanni Amedeo’s grandfather decided to start the business of extracting essential oils from citrus fruits.
In those times, the extraction was done exclusively by hand, using special tools, known as “tools of the trade”, which Giovanni still keeps as a reminder of those days, which were both difficult and beautiful: the knives to cut the fruit in half, named “cavatori” – sharp spoons to remove the pulp and separate it from the skins – and the “sea sponges” to absorb the oil from the skins, from which the essence was then extracted.

The sponges, which absorbed the precious essential oil of the citrus fruit from the peels, were then squeezed into a terracotta container, releasing an emulsion which, left to decant, gave the famous “sponge essence” which, in the variants of Orange, Lemon, Bergamot and others, was sold and appreciated all over the world.
From those early years to today, the company has gone through the life of the family that founded it, and has seen the ups and downs of national and world economic history, reaching the present day in which Giovanni’s sons – members of the new management – continue with the same passion as their predecessors to keep the company firmly stable, renewing and improving it every day: citrus fruits are now an integral part of their history and their life, after 120 years of activity.

Who we are

Growth in the area, cultural heritage, passion for the environment

Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l. is a company owned exclusively by the Amedeo family, characterized by a family imprint, which deals with the processing of citrus fruits and their derivatives. The factory, located a few kilometers from Reggio Calabria, has three flexible and differentiated processing lines, which operate on lemons, bergamots, sweet and bitter oranges, tangerines, clementines, Sicilian limes, citrons and grapefruit throughout the year. The entire transformation production cycle takes place inside the plant, with control of incoming fruit, extraction of essential oils and processing of peels for the candied fruit market.
Furthermore, a rigorous quality control is carried out on each outgoing product. Since the beginning of its activity, in 1890, when Giovanni Amedeo’s grandfather began to extract essential oils with the “sponge” method, the company has expanded its offer, diversifying production and specializing in skills, constantly improving the range of products using the fruits in their entirety. Currently, the company produces essential oils, juices and peels derived from citrus fruits, always paying close attention to the production lines, in compliance with HACCP standards.


A look to the future

The passion that animates the company in processing citrus fruits characterizes its mission, carried forward by five generations of industrial “artisans” who, through impeccable processing standards, manage to make a unique, healthy and refined finished product known throughout the world, helping to make the world discover a land that is harsh and wild, but at the same time genuine and fantastic.
For the future, the company is committed in maintaining high product quality levels, implementing the most advanced technologies, continuing to invest in the research and development of new products and maintaining a family and artisan imprint, with the aim of making the beauty and goodness of Italian citrus fruits increasingly known.


Our certifications  demonstrate the company’s commitment to guaranteeing maximum quality and safety of its products, respecting the highest standards in the sector

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