The lemon

We select and choose the best Sicilian lemons with a rigorous quality control process, evaluating the ripeness, fragrance and taste of the fruits

Lemon History

This citrus is native of Asia and was introduced to Europe by the Romans. In Italy, lemon cultivation spread mainly in Sicily from the 15th century. Today Sicily is the main lemon producing region in Italy

Harvest period

The lemon is an oval or elliptical fruit with an intense yellow skin and a sour taste. The ripening of lemons takes place at different times of the year, depending on the variety and climatic conditions. The lemon harvest generally takes place from October to May

How we process lemon

Amedeo Giovanni srl selects the freshest and juiciest Sicilian lemons for the production of NFC (Not From Concentrate) lemon juice, which is extracted directly from the fruit without undergoing any concentration process.
In this way you get a natural and high-quality lemon juice with an authentic aroma and taste.
Furthermore, the company uses lemons for the production of lemon essential oils, obtained through a process of extracting the peel of the fruit. Lemon essential oils are used in many industries, including food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, for their beneficial properties for health and beauty.
We also use lemon peel in the production of candied fruit and syrups, used in the confectionery and pastry industry

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