One of our main aim is to ensure high product safety and quality throughout the manufacturing, packaging and transport process

Transport, packaging, juices, essential oils and citrus peels

To achieve this, we offer a packaging service in approved containers that comply with current food and safety regulations. We use 200 kg drums with internal food bags, which allow us to guarantee goods standard. For transport, we cooperate only with highly reliable and fast partners in the to ensure that our products arrive on time and in good conditions to our customers.

Customized transport

Thanks to our attention for details and our constant search for quality, our Company is able to offer a high quality packaging and transport service, able to satisfy the needs of each customer.

Product quality

We are specialized in the production of high quality citrus juices, essential oils and peels, which are subjected to strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing, packaging and transport process.

Food safety

We use approved containers that comply with the regulations, furthermore, storage at controlled temperatures, the use of approved tanks and drums with internal food bags reduce the risk of contamination.


We offer a flexible transport service, to satisfy customer’s needs. Thanks to the different transport options available and the storage capacity, it is possible to handle large quantities of product in an efficient and customized way.

Our certifications

Our Certifications demonstrate company’s commitment to guaranteeing maximum quality and safety of its products, respecting the highest standards in the field

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If you are looking for a reliable partner for your business, we are here for you. For years we have been producing concentrated juices of fresh citrus, with an intense and authentic taste, ensuring the utmost attention to the selection of raw materials and production processes.