We process Citrus to extract juices and essential oils

We are a family business company engaged in the production of essential oils and citrus juices.

Our products

Concentrated juices essential oils and peels

We transform citrus producing concentrated juices, NFC juices, essential oils and peels. We use advanced technologies and follow rigorous food safety standards to ensure the highest quality for our customers.


Our concentrated juices are destined for the major producers and distributors of juices, drinks and syrups.

Essential oils

The essential oils are extracted from our fruits using delicate methods to preserve the quality and aromatic properties of the oils.


The processing of citrus fruits also includes that of the peel in cubes and fillets which are then destined for confectionery industry and for candying.

Our Citrus Fruits

Citrus processing

We cultivate and transform different types of citrus fruits, Blond Orange, Pigmented Orange, Bergamot, Clementine and Mandarin. These citrus are characterized by their organoleptic properties and unique taste. We are proud to work with these varieties to offer our customers high quality products with an authentic taste


We cultivate and process the famous Bergamot of Reggio Calabria with care and attention, using advanced techniques and following rigorous quality standards to guarantee and preserve its unique characteristics in the world.

Sicilian Lemon

We select and choose the best Sicilian lemons with a strict control process, evaluating ripeness, fragrance and taste. Our attention and care in product selection therefore allows us to provide high quality products


We cultivate and process different varieties of oranges (Blonde, Pigmented.. Tarocco, etc..) with passion and respect, using eco-sustainable techniques and traditional methods to preserve the quality and authentic taste of citrus.


We work with dedication and mastery tangerines and juicy clementines, selecting only the most mature and fragrant ones to create high quality products and authentic taste.

Production and Technology

How We Process Citrus

We are committed to ensuring the best quality of our products using cutting-edge technologies and innovations. Our extraction, evaporation and ultrafiltration systems guarantee maximum efficiency and purity in production.

Daily, our lab carries out strict organoleptic checks on all our products, chemical and physical checks, using high-performance instruments such as GC-GC MS HPLC gas chromatography and HACCP production process control. The Blending department uses advanced technologies to create mixtures suitable for all kind of market. Same care is taken for care storage.


Quality packaging and logistics

We use packaging that complies with current food regulations and transport safety in order to keep the product in the best way until delivery We entrust the transport of our products to logistics professionals to ensure safe and fast delivery to customers around the world.


Packaging in containers and drums compliant with food and safety regulations


We deliver our products to the fastest and most reliable partners in the industry


All products processed at the factories. are certified and traceable.

who we are


We are a company specialized in the transformation of citrus fruits and derived products.
Our production site is located in Reggio Calabria.

We have three flexible production lines for processing different types of citrus fruits including: lemons, bergamots, sweet and bitter oranges, tangerines, clementines, limes, and grapefruits.
The production cycle begins with the quality control of the fruit, continues with the first transformation, the extraction of the essential oils, the concentration, pasteurization and/or freezing of the natural juices up to the processing of the peels for the production of candied fruit.


In over 100 years of experience we have developed a wide range of high quality products, with a daily commitment to comply with the strictest regulations in force in the sector.


We are constantly searching for innovative ideas and solutions to improve our products;

Company Certifications

Our Certifications  demonstrate  company’s commitment to guaranteeing the maximum quality and safety of its products, respecting the highest standards in the sector

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For years we have been producing concentrated juices fromf fresh citrus, with an intense and authentic taste, ensuring the utmost attention to the selection of raw materials and production processes.