Concentrated citrus juices

The Amedeo Giovanni company is specialized in the extraction of high quality citrus juices, using only fresh and selected citrus fruits

Concentrated citrus juices

Processing of concentrated citrus juices

The Amedeo Giovanni srl company deals with extraction and processing of concentrated citrus juices such as bergamot, orange, lemon, mandarin and clementine. Thanks to a long experience in this field, the company is able to guarantee the highest quality of its products, obtained using only fresh and selected citrus fruits. During the processing process, citrus fruits are thoroughly cleaned, squeezed and concentrated to obtain high quality juices, used in different fields of the food industry such as the production of beverages, ice cream and bakery confectionery. The company Amedeo Giovanni srl is committed in respecting quality standards and meet of its customers’ needs.
Every year, following the natural course of the harvest seasons, we process citrus fruits that nature offers, obtaining from season to season, a product always fresh and natural.
We offer a wide range of concentrated and natural citrus products obtained from


Blond Orange Juice


Pigment Orange Juice


Bergamot Juice


Mandarin Juice


Clementine Juice


Lemon Juice

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If your company is looking for high quality citrus juice concentrates for your productions?
Amedeo Giovanni has the right solution for you!

For years we have been producing fresh citrus juice concentrates, with an intense and authentic taste that will give a touch of unique flavor to your products. We are specialized in processing oranges, lemons and bergamots, guaranteeing the utmost attention from the selection of raw materials to the production processes.