Clementine juice extraction

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Extraction of Calabrian Clementine juice.

We expertly extract juice from the best clementines grown in Calabria.

Our clementine juice is carefully extracted; fruit selection is done  manually  in order to chose only the ones with the highest quality,  to ensure their flavor freshness. The final result is a pure juice, with an intense and natural taste, without preservatives or additives

Clementine juice extraction

Drums and tanks: the perfect packaging for Amedeo Giovanni srl clementine’s juice

Frozen Refrigerated

Customization of products

Packaging, drums and tanks

Calabrian Clementine juice

Features and packing

Brix 55° – 60°
Acidity 4% – 6%
Ratio 10 – 15
Pulps 1% – 3%
Packaging 250 kg drums with inner bag for food Tanks of 25,000 kg